Could SEO have survived without Google?

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Most of us consider google as the only search engine that has answers to all the queries. You wake up in the middle of night because a question has been bugging you and you just can not sleep. What can you do? Just type it for google and you see a list of sites to find the answers on.

Now the question is how does google do it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or the process of optimizing your site so that search engines like google can find it easily has been the way of survival for websites for years.  An organic search leading to your site is a positive sign. SEO and Google has always gone hand in hand.  Following are the steps worked out by Google that lead users to your site:

  • Crawling:

The word itself suggests searching the web to find which pages are available on the internet. Google continuously searches and keeps adding new pages to its list. Some pages are added when another page is linked to the existing site. Sitemaps is another way of linking for google to crawl your site. The content and overall layout of a page has a significant role in extracting your site to search engine result pages (SERP).

  • Indexing:

If you page is visited the next step for google is to analyze the intent of your page. This process is called indexing. Google investigates the contents, videos, and images embedded on your page. All this data is stored for later referencing as Google index.

  • Serving and Ranking:

Google responds to a search query by presenting the most related pages from its index. This response is based on the demographic location and the device used by the user. This makes it critical to keep your pages updated and usable at all times.

All these factors make it crucial for websites to keep revising their pages to best match the users search intent. The closer your site is to user query the better the chances of your site shining in this digital world.

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